Top 10 Cycle Companies in India

One of the most often used modes of transport in India is the bicycle. It’s been a custom for a long time and always will be. These days, there are numerous different bicycle brands available on the market, from sports bicycles to commuter cycles to mountain bicycles.

A Guide to Buying a Bicycle for Indian Residents

Given how popular riding has become, shop proprietors will probably attempt to pitch you a bicycle. But to determine if it’s the best choice for you or not, you must be ready and knowledgeable about the types of bicycles in India.

Set a budget:

Before deciding on a bicycle, think about the amount of money you are prepared to spend. Make sure to maintain 10% flexibility as well.


The inquiries are: What percentage of your weekly or monthly time will you be cycling? Why would someone purchase a bicycle? Exercise, travel, or training?

The ideal category:

Choosing the best bicycle brand might be challenging because there are a plethora of choices. The three main categories are typically road, hybrid, and mountain bikes.

Types of Bicycles in India

Common Cycle Types In India

NameFeaturesSuitable forNot suitable for
Classic Indian CycleSingle gear with chain ring
Freewheel mechanism
Wire breaks
Daily riding
Low maintenance
Challenging ground
Road BicycleMore complex gear combination
Entirely made of carbon fiber
Sloping top tubes and a shorter seat post
Tires are narrow
Bent handlebars
Fitness enthusiast
Everyday purposes
Off-road cycling
Mountain biking
Mountain Bike (MTB)Sturdy and rustproof frame
Thick tires
Straight handlebars with wider grip
Wide range of gears
Off-road bikingNot for everyday use
Hybrid BicycleLarger wheels
Narrower tires
Multifaceted gearings
Both on-road and off-road cyclingNot well-suited for very rough terrains
Electric BicycleBattery-powered
Carry heavy loads
40 to 80 km for every per charge
Variety of motor types
Battery takes 8 hours to charge
More cost-effective
Stored in well-secured spaces
Folding BicycleMagnet included in the rear shock absorber
Partly disassembled
Urban lifeOff-road cycling
Utility CycleSaddle is large
Carry objectsLong-distance rides or Off road cycling

Unique Cycle Types In India

NameFeaturesSuitable forNot suitable for
Cyclocross BicycleLightweight
Wider tires
Off-road tubular tires
Off-road cyclingNot for beginner cyclists
BMX CycleOne gear and minimal break set-up
Robust, sturdy, lightweight
Stunt enthusiastsBusy roads
Touring CycleCarriers and attachments for luggage
Rustproof steel body frame
Longer wheelbase
Padded saddle
Bicycle toursNot suitable for hilly trails
Tandem CycleFore-to-aft pattern
Longer and heavier
Extra saddle and extra handlebar
Fun activitiesNot for everyday use

Cycles By Gender And Age

NameSuitable forNot suitable for
Unisex CycleBoth men and women
Smaller height of a person can be an issue
Men’s BicycleTaller with different saddles
Regular use
Higher body frame
Women’s CycleManufactured to suit the female body structure
Regular use
Not good for fitness enthusiast
Kids’ BicycleComfortable
Good learning experience

Cycles In India Depending On Tire

NameSuitable forNot suitable for
Fat Tire BicycleExplorer
Challenging terrains
Not built for racing
Thin Tire CycleLightweight
Good speed
Ideal for smoother surfaces
Not suitable for difficult trails

List of the 10 Top Cycle Companies in India 

In this article, the top 10 cycle companies in India are listed. 

 All of your demands are met in this list, whether you’re looking for a bike for your regular commute, weekend excursions, or off-roading.

1. Hero

The largest and most well-known among the top 12 cycle companies in India, Hero Cycles is a division of the well-known automaker Hero Motors Company. With sales in more than 70 nations, it is the biggest cycle manufacturer in the world.

Steel Hero motorcycles come with a variety of brake designs, including disc, calliper, and v-brakes. While cycling, this feature increases control and safety.

Hero Cycles come in a variety of styles, including Women, Kids, Girls, ATB, MTB and e-cycles.

A hero bicycle costs as little as Rs. 4900.

2. Avon 

Teenagers love Avon and there are more than 200 distinct bicycle models available. In India, this manufacturer sells the most bicycles.

The best-known product of this Indian bicycle manufacturer is its use of strong, lightweight materials to create cycles that can endure the rigours of Indian street conditions.

The quality and affordable prices of Avon bicycles are well known. Bicycles of Avon Cycles come in a variety of styles, including Geared, MTB, Kids, Cyclux, and electric bikes. 

Avon bicycles are priced starting at Rs. 3400.

3. Hercules  

One of the top cycle companies in India is Hercules Cycles, which is a division of TI Cycles in India. It is also one of the best mtb brands in India.

The Hercules brand is synonymous with defying expectations, seeking out new experiences, and experiencing life to the fullest. There are five various kinds of them: Junior, Roadster, Rodeo, MTB, and Kids. Hercules operates 200+ rural stores in India.

Hercules Cycles have a starting price of Rs. 7000.

4. La Sovereign 

Its coaster brake makes it simple to ride consistently and gently. The Cycles are made with the most cutting-edge technology and are strong, fashionable, and secure for riders.

They have anti-rust qualities and incorporate stainless steel spokes of alloy rims. They are available in a variety of forms, including Hybrid, Kids, MTB single-speed, MTB multi-speed and Fat.

La Sovereign bicycles have a starting price of Rs. 7000.

5. Firefox

Firefox Cycles is one of the most popular bicycle brands in India.  

The cycles are long-lasting, pleasant, and fairly priced. Customers like Firefox Cycles because of its wide range of product options.

Only the pedals & handlebars have to be attached and the handlebars tightened once the bicycle is delivered in a 95 per cent built state. Bicycles for kids, women, off-road, city, speed, mountain, and BMX riders are all available at Firefox Cycles. 

Firefox bicycles have a starting price of about Rs. 8100.

6. BSA

BSA bicycles are cosy and stylish, and they showcase your sense of fashion and assurance. With features like padded saddles, plush handguards, easy-glide hubs, step-through frames, and many others, you can count on a comfortable ride. They are available in six distinct bike models: Breeze, Hazel, Glitzy, Shine, Sofia, and Splash.

They manufacture their bikes to the greatest standards, making them ideal for anyone searching for a dependable and fashionable bike. BSA is known for manufacturing best bicycle for kids and girls in India as well.

BSA bicycles are also lightweight since they are made of high-quality steel. They become pleasant to ride and convenient for daily commutes and long-distance travel.

BSA’s Ladybird model has a starting price of Rs. 5450.

7. Cannondale 

The cycling company Cannondale is well-known across the world.

The company is well-known for its creative patterns and eye-catching colours. The bicycles’ frames are built of aluminium & carbon fibre and are incredibly strong. From this brand, you may choose from a variety of bikes including road, mountain, kids, and electric models.

In India, Cannondale bicycles are priced from Rs. 23,330.

8. Dahon  

Another Indian manufacturer of high-quality bicycles with affordable prices is Dahon Cycles. They also are the top producer of foldable bicycles in the entire world. 

The cycles are simple to fold and unfold, making them convenient to carry when travelling. In significant cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, it has emerged as the folding cycle with the highest sales.

The mechanical frames and wheel designs, metal alloys, and folding mechanics make up 98% of these folding bicycles.

The starting price for Dahon bicycles is Rs. 17,000.

9. Bianchi 

In India, the bicycle brand Bianchi is well-known and is recognised as the greatest in the world. The company eventually gains a reputation for its high-performance vehicles.

Bianchi manufactures many different types of bicycles, such as road bikes, E-bikes, exercise bikes, and even mountain bikes, but its racing bicycles are its best-known products. The company has intriguing cycle layouts and colours to offer.

They manufacture a variety of bikes, including the road range, e-bike, mountain bike, and city fitness line.

Bianchi bicycles typically cost roughly Rs. 43,000 in India.

10. Kross 

One of India’s top brands for a moderately cost cycle model is Kross Cycle. It is an extension of Hero Cycles and offers a variety of models. These cycles are easily accessible in nearby cycle stores because they are a branch of Hero Cycles.

High-end comfort and sturdy standards are features of Kross Bikes. With cutting-edge technologies, esoteric aerodynamic designs, and vibrant colours, Kross bikes have everything a biker could want. They manufacture bikes in the MTB, City, Ladies, and Kids categories.

The Kross Bikes are priced from Rs. 5899.


Q: Which bicycle manufacturer in India makes cycles the quickest?

Ans: Most of the fastest racing bicycles with distinctive shapes and styles are produced by Bianchi. These have carbon fibre frames for improved power transfer.

Q: Which bicycle brand is the best in India?

Ans: In India, some of the customers’ preferred bicycle brands include BSA, Hero, and Hercules.

Q: Which cycle in India is the priciest?

Ans: The priciest cycles are made in India by Bianchi.

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