Top 7 Best Mixer Grinder Under 4000


In this age of technical breakthroughs, kitchen appliances such as juicers and mixer grinders have become an integral part of our daily lives, without which we would feel unable to fulfil our daily tasks. As a result, selecting a mixer grinder that will meet all of your culinary demands is critical.

The Advantages of Owning a Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder has transformed the lives of individuals with hectic schedules easier and more convenient, as its benefits are numerous. Cutting as well as grinding spices and veggies in the morning hours is time-consuming and unpleasant for office workers. Not only does having a grinder make cooking faster, but it also allows you to produce a broader range of foods faster.

Best Mixer Grinder Company in India

There are numerous mixer grinder manufacturers on the market. The following are some of the most popular mixer grinder brands that offer a decent warranty and after-sales service.

1. Philips

Philips has concentrated its efforts in the fields of electronics, lighting, as well as healthcare. In terms of revenue, it was the world’s largest manufacturer in 2013.

2. Bajaj 

Bajaj mixer grinders are the best-selling brand in this category because they are simple to use, inexpensive, and ideal for Indian cooking. They have some of the best mixer grinders under Rs 4000 which promise quality.

3. Panasonic

Panasonic has production facilities in the fields of electronics, household appliances, etc. Their mixer grinders are inexpensive and have the mechanism needed to prepare Indian food.

Mixer Grinder Buying Guide for Your Kitchen

Are you perplexed by the abundance of mixer grinder brands on the market? Do not worry because there are several simple suggestions and methods that you can use to pick the one that is tailored to your needs.

1. Design

If you live alone, a large mixer grinder with large jars will be useless to you. A large mixer grinder is ideal for a family with a large kitchen.

2. Brand and quality

A high-quality mixer grinder will ensure that you do not need to replace it anytime soon. Purchasing one with a solid body, sharp blades, and convenient jars will boost convenience. 

3. Do your homework and commit to your budget

Before acquiring a mixer grinder, it’s a good idea to learn about the many models available on the market. You may evaluate the features of many mixer grinder brands and then choose the one you believe is the best.

4. Watts & other technical requirements

The RPM or power of a motor says a lot about the mixer grinder’s lifetime. A mixer grinder is available in a variety of wattage ratings, including 400, 550, and 750. You must choose a mixer grinder upon learning about mechanical power.

Best mixer grinder under 4000 in India

Finding the greatest mixer grinder that meets your needs can be difficult. As a result of the magnitude of the process, many people lose up and buy whichever mixer grinder they can get their fingers on. To make things easier for them, here is a list of a number of the best mixer grinders accessible under Rs 4000 approximately:

1. Philips HL77756/00

The Philips HL77756/00 comes with three different jar sizes, allowing you to grind the contents to your capacity. It includes a 750-watt motor that provides quick grinding and crushes your ingredients in a matter of seconds. A 5-year warranty from Philips additionally covers this product.

2. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond

The 100% stainless steel blades of the Preethi Blue mixer grinder are machine-ground & polished to provide speedy and exceptional grinding performance. The 750-watt motor provides incredible speed and takes only 230 volts to operate. This is ideal for wet grinding & liquidising.

3. Butterfly Jet Elite

The Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder contains an auto shut-off mechanism and four jars for multiple grinding. The jars have strong handles of high-quality stainless steel. The speed control has three levels, allowing you to grind the ingredients at your desired speed.

4. Philips HL 7720 (750-Watt)

Philips HL 7720 delivers perfect performance. Its strong stainless-steel blades allow for smoother as well as faster grinding and may be readily disassembled for cleaning. This blender processor’s auto cut-off feature ensures that it will run for a long time.

5. Bajaj GX-1

Bajaj GX-1 boasts a sleek and modern design that promotes both ease and capacity. Furthermore, the tempered steel blade with 600 W power assures rapid processing. The device includes an ergonomic frame constructed of high-quality ABS plastic, easy-to-use handles and latches, and uses roughly 500 watts of power to operate.

6. Prestige (750 Watt)

Prestige is one of the largest brands that provides reasonable and high-quality items to its clients for them to have a positive experience. Many grinders include a juicer option, but they are not designed specifically for juice; on the other side, this mixer fully supports the juicer. The strong 750-watt motor delivers an excellent grinding experience.

7. Preethi Lavender Pro 

This mixer grinder has a robust 750-watt motor that will provide you with a wonderful experience. It features three stainless steel containers that enable you to grind materials such as fruits and vegetables to your capacity. It has a turbo vent mechanism and a strong ergonomically built handle for pulling them.

8. Panasonic MX-AC400 550 W (4 Jars, Blue)

This Panasonic Juicer-mixer-grinder has a double safety locking mechanism that allows you to only operate it while the jars are securely locked in place for protection. The blade’s substance prevents rusting, ensuring strength and endurance. This juicer-mixer-grinder provides high efficiency while also prolonging its life thanks to the copper winding motor. This appliance, which operates at high speeds ranging to 21000 RPM, allows for swift and powerful operation, saving you time and effort. The body of the appliance is built of durable and long-lasting ABS plastic.


Any product can only be the greatest when purchased specifically for your needs. So, before you acquire a mixer grinder or any other electronic device, you should first determine your particular needs. Otherwise, one will make the incorrect decision and purchase either an expensive device with numerous unnecessary features or even a piece of cheap equipment that will not match the particular needs.

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