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We often come across this question “how to do?” Although we can solve most of our petty issues on our own there are several things for which you need expert guidance or help. So, don’t worry friends because we are here to solve all your “how to do” queries.

Get the best tutorial of every petite thing that may help you to deal with several household issues. Our ‘how to do’ section consists of all the facts that would help you in your day to day life. It specifically deals with technology tips that is very important for you to know. It has become an essentiality to know all the little tasks that you can accomplish through technology such as smartphones, laptops and other smart gadgets. But most of us do not know its usages or its benefits. In this section, you would not only get to know about the usage or benefit of a particular product, but we would also provide with tricks, tips, and hacks that would help you deal with technological things better. We have shared the list of all the useful “how to do” articles below.

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Windows 10 April 3028 Update

Microsoft finally started rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Version 1803). It has been 6 months only when Microsoft launched its biggest windows 10 update the Fall Creator Update (Version 1709). The...