ATM Skimmer How to Detect and Save Yourself from Fraud

In this article, we discuss an ATM skimmer how to detect it, how it is carried out and how to spot a skimmer. Recently in a series of events in Kolkata, many victims have apparently reported losing all their savings. So far 20 lack Rupees have been stolen by this new fraud called ATM skimming. Investigators came to the conclusion that they were actually duped using a device called an ATM skimmer. Which cloned their debit/credit card and withdrew all their account balance.

What actually is an ATM skimmer?

ATM Skimmer is a small device which is placed in the slot where users insert their cards and it can clone all the user information which the scammer later uses to withdraw money from the victim’s account.

How is it actually done?

The criminals place the skimmer in the very spot where the card is inserted and a magnetic strip of the skimmer clones all the user data. But only cloning isn’t enough so the thief’s place a camera or hack the ATM camera to get the pin of the user and later use that information’s to clone more cards or directly withdraw all the money from the account.

How to detect an ATM skimmer?

ATM skimmer how to detect? Well spotting an ATM skimmer is actually easy and not as complicated as the skimming process itself. Check the ATM machine before using it. Watch card insertion very carefully as it may be extended than usual. Avoid using the ATM if the card reader is loose or shaky. If there are distortions on the keypad avoid using the machine.

Some important tips to avoid the fraud

Always cover your keypad while entering your pin. Enable the SMS alerts to stay updated about your accounts and transactions been made. If by any chance you are still duped, make sure to report it as soon as possible with the location of the ATM. If your account is in a separate bank and the ATM belongs to another bank then the complaint should be recorded with the bank in which your account exists.

Who covers for your loss?

The bank which issued you your ATM card is liable to pay you in case of any loss due to a scam by a 3rd party, all you need to do is report the incident within 3 days of the incident.

I hope this article made you aware of ATM skimmer how to detect and save yourself. Share this with your loved ones to save them from the fraud too. If you liked reading the article, do let us know in the comment section. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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