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We are looking for writers who can write well-researched content for our blog. Our main categories are TOP 10, Electronics, Home & Furniture, Fashion, Health and Beauty, etc. We cover Tips & tricks, Buying guides, Top Features, Top 10 facts, etc.

Our blog gets over 10,000 unique visitors each month from across India. At present, we are covering articles on the following topics:

  • Top 10 facts or tips
  • How to
  • Mobile
  • Computer
  • Top 10 products
  • Home & furniture
  • Health tips
  • Beauty Tips or products review
  • Fashion tips or product review
  • Entertainment (Hot topic)
  • Electronics product details or review


Originality: Content should be 100% unique and Plagiarism free. We do not accept plagiarised articles. So before you submit please check the uniqueness.

Length: We prefer articles of 800 – 2000 words in length.

Meta-Description: Your article should contain 1-2 sentences (approx. 255 characters) that summarize the article.

Images: Please add an original image relevant to your topic to be used as the featured image. The dimensions should be 1000*630. Images sourced from a third-party source must be included with proper attributions.

Links: We allow only one link from the body of the article. And remember do not over promote your website. Make the article for readers. Do not over-promote brand or link building schemes. Otherwise, we have the right to modify and publish the article.


Digiwhoop is a good place to get started for budding writers. By having a look at them you will be able to know what parameters you need to follow. We will accept the same.

Once you have completed writing. You can submit your article with featured image.


Our Digiwhoop team will go through the content to make sure it is original, well-written, and adds value to our readers. Our editors reserve the right to modify, delete or correct the article as they see fit. If your article follows our guidelines, then the article will be published and you will receive a notification.

Once the article is successfully published on our site, we will also share it on our social media channels. Don’t re-publish the article.

Email us – [email protected]

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