The Most Frequently Asked Questions on Google Pay

Google Wallet and Android Pay services were combined into one app when Google Pay was introduced in 2018. Users of Google Pay may store loyalty and gift cards, make in-app purchases, make purchases from websites, transmit peer-to-peer payments, and use NFC in-store at partner merchants. Here are a few of the most frequent queries regarding Google Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Pay

Q1. How to use Google Pay to find UPI ID?

Answer: You can use Google Pay to find UPI ID through the following steps:

  • Open the Google Pay account first.
  • On the top right of the screen, click your picture.
  • Select Your “Bank Account”.
  • To find out a bank account’s UPI ID, tap on it.
  • Under “UPI IDs,” discover the necessary UPI ID connected to your bank account.

Q2. What is the most amount you can send with Google Pay?

Answer: Through Google Pay, you may only send up to 1 lakh rupees each day. Your maximum allowance of Rs. 1 lakh applies to all Google Pay transactions anyone may have done in that day, including those made on other websites.

Q3. How to terminate a Google Pay account?

Answer: One can close his or her Google Pay account by following the below steps:

  • Open “” and ensure you are signed into the profile you want to close on your PC or Mac.
  • From the top right corner of the screen, click “Settings”.
  • Click “Close payments profile” after swiping down.
  • After choosing a justification, click “Continue.”
  • Click “Close payments profile.”

Q4. How can the Google Pay transaction history be removed?

Answer: You can remove your transaction history from Google Pay by the following steps:

  • Launch “Google Chrome.”
  • Please enter “”.
  • Click on “Data & Privacy” after selecting “Google Account.”
  • Click the “My Activity” link.
  • Under “Google my activity” select “Other activity.”
  • Under “Google Pay Experience” select “Manage Activity”
  • Select the “Delete” button, now select “All Time”.
  • Confirm popup will display, now click to confirm on the “Delete” button. 
  • That’s all.

Q:5. What is the error code xn in google pay? And how to fix it?

Answer: Incorrect Debit Card Information is the cause of Error Code XN in Google Pay. When the debit or credit card is rejected by Google Pay, this is among the most frequent mistakes.

First, confirm that Google Pay is compatible with the credit or debit card. To find out if the card is compatible, you might need to contact the bank or card issuer. Make sure you’re using the appropriate Google Pay account if the card is compatible.

Additionally, you must confirm that your payment method is a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.

Make sure you’re using the appropriate payment method, and if you’re unsure which to use, ask your bank or credit card company for extra guidance.

Q:6. What is B3 error code in google pay, and how to fix it?

Answer: It’s possible that you saw the B3 error message, which stated that the transaction can not be finished. The SONET device is the only source of information for Code B3, which is also known as the Path Code Violation Error. Before the G-Pay transaction can be completed, your bank must approve it.

In the event that a transaction is stopped in the middle of the SONET path, G-Pay users can experience a B3 error.

There are a number of ways to fix error code B3 on G-Pay, including:

  • Verify the Google-Pay server’s functionality.
  • Ensure you have a steady internet connection while conducting the transaction.
  • Verify the balance of your bank account.
  • When the bank server for the sender or recipient is unavailable for maintenance, users experience issues like these.

Q:7. How to increase google pay limit?

Answer: There are two ways to raise the Google Pay limit. First, by contacting Google, you can request a higher Google Pay limit. There are some ways Google employees may help, and the appropriate person will take the necessary action and inform you.

Second, Google will give you a caution email if you go over the transfer as well as credit limit per day if you have opted to receive notifications related to payments. As the owner of a verified payment, you can react to the warning notice and request a higher Google Pay limit. When Google complies with your request, you’ll receive notification, and your credit and transfer limit will increase.

Q:8. How to use google pay without mobile data?

Answer: Follow the below steps:

  • You may access the new menu, which has seven options, by pressing *99# on your phone’s keypad. These options include “Send Money,” “Receive Money,” “Check Balance,” and “UPI PIN.”
  • Next, select “Send Money” by tapping the dial pad’s number 1 button. The UPI ID, mobile number or account information, and IFSC code will then be enabled.
  • Choose the phone number payment method from the list, then type the recipient’s mobile number.
  • Enter the bank account information or UPI ID for the recipient.
  • Enter your UPI pin code and then select “send.”
  • You will receive a reference ID and a transaction status update as soon as it has been transferred.
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