Top 10 Laptop Brands 2018

Laptops nowadays have almost become a necessity in all work sectors and even in our daily life. Some of us use laptops for running our business while some use it for entertainment purpose. Whatever the reason or use maybe, it is obvious that laptops are quickly becoming an inseparable part of our tech-savvy life.

While purchasing a laptop the most crucial factor which comes first is obviously the brand which manufactured the laptops. Below is a list of top 10 laptop brands in India which are currently ruling the laptop market.

No. 1


Lenovo has yet again made it to the top of the list this year all thanks to the fantastic product lineup from the company. Lenovo is among the top ten laptop brands in the world. Right from the ThinkPad X1 Carbon to Yoga 920 the company has made it to the top since the past year. Lenovo is facing a stiff competition from rival brands HP and Dell which are among the top 10 laptop brands in India but still managed to win the game with all the awards it achieved in the last year as well as the current year.


No. 2


HP made a huge development since last year as it jumped right from the 5th position to the 2nd. With excellent laptops such as HP Spectre X360, ZBook 17 and Envy 13t, the brand is undoubtedly among the top 10 laptop brands in India 2018. HP is best known for its gorgeous design and is giving a hard competition to Lenovo and may soon overtake the latter for the first position.


No. 3


Dell has always made it to the top 10 laptop manufacturers in India and this year it’s no different as Dell ranks 3rd in this list of top 10 laptop brands in India. Right from Dell XPS 13 to the fantastic Alienware 15, the company never failed to impress its customers. Dell is known for its premium laptops and also it’s customer care support system which is fast and reliable.


No. 4


Acer is among the most trusted brands in India and also comes in the 4th position among the top 10 laptop brands in India in 2018. Acer always makes budget oriented laptops with great features such as the Spin 1 and the Aspire series but when it comes to premium laptops Acer makes the best out of that too with products such as Predator 21X which costs nearly $9000.


No. 5


With latest innovation from Asus named the Zephyrus, Asus is the leader in gaming laptop sector. With stunning blue model products such as ZenBook UX331UN and durable laptops such as Chromebook C213S, the company has made it to the top of gaming sector. Asus is a brand which is known for its design and value for money products.


No. 6


Microsoft is undoubtedly among the top 10 laptop brands in the world as well as in India. Microsoft doesn’t produce a lot of products but the handful of products which it makes gives the best out of the product. The main highlighted laptops are SurfaceBook 2 which is a convertible laptop and other Surfacebook series laptops.


No. 7


Apple the tech giant fell down right to number 7 on this list. The only reason for the company’s downfall is because of less focus on the laptop products. Apple still uses the same design and with little to no innovations in the products. Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar is worthy of mention. Apple still provides the best technical support for its products, which is obviously a bonus.


No. 8


Razer brand is known for its premium gaming laptops which are undoubtedly top notch. Razer Blade and Razer Blade pro are worthy of mention. Purchasing a Razer product can seriously hamper your pockets but every penny spent is worth it as the products are always top notch. Razer is among the top 10 laptop brands in India and also in the world.


No. 9


MSI is also known for its great gaming products. MSI finds itself in number 9 primarily due to its weak and unreliable tech support. Products such as MSI GT75VR are among the best products of the company and also for its durable and gaming keyboard setup in a laptop which is quite an innovation. MSI is fairly a new brand and has made a lot of progress in a short period of time.


No. 10


The downfall of Samsung is very much similar to Apple. Both the company are considered tech giants when it comes to innovation in Smartphone. If the same effort would’ve been made with laptops then Samsung surely would have been far above in this list. With less attractive designs and lack of innovation, the company is at the number 10. Samsung still provides the best tech support and it is literally the only reason why the brand even made it to the list.


All the brands mentioned here are ranked according to its specifications. The first specification is the design and looks of the laptop. Second are the tech support and lastly the most important part, the innovation. Hope you enjoyed the article and clearly have an idea of which laptop brand to rely upon. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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