Here’s a Glimpse of the Top 10 Healthy Hair Tips

In our hectic schedules of every day, we do not have enough time to spare for our hairs. Due to lack of time, we often fail to caress our hair by properly oiling, shampooing and conditioning it.

But if we do crave for beautiful hairs, then we should definitely take out some time and repair the damages of our hair by making it a radiant one.

Digiwhoop has listed out the top 10 healthy hair tips that you need to follow in order to maintain the gorgeousness of your hairs.

  1. Hair Protection – This is one of the most important healthy hair tips which one should always take care of. It is very much necessary to protect your hair from the direct exposure of wind, rain, and sun as it all adds to our hair woes. Wear your hat whenever you head out of for the day.
  2. Managing Wet Hairs – When our hairs are wet, it breaks easily and thus becomes prone to sustaining damage. Therefore, you should never be harsh while you shampoo your hair.
  3. Proper Hair Conditioning – It is very much important to use the best moisturizing conditioner after every hair wash. It needs to be done in the right way as the moisture content should seal in the hair shaft. Remember, using too much of conditioner could make your scalp oilier.
  4. Avoid Heating Items – It is very much essential to avoid making frequent use of those hair styling products that emanate heat. Overusing such products may damage your hair permanently.
  5. Avoid Tight Hair Tying – Tying your hair too tightly breaks one hair as the hair gets pulled from the back. This is one of the healthy hair tips that you can follow as your daily hair care.
  6. Always Use Stain Made Pillow Covers – It is extremely important to choose a satin pillow cover instead of choosing a cotton one. The satin pillow cover prevents breakage of hair and causes lesser friction.
  7. Cautiously Drying Your Hair – While you pat dry your hair, you must do it very carefully. Instead of using dryer you can go for drying your hair by just rubbing it with a towel.
  8. Frequent Oiling – Before you go for shampooing your hair, massage your scalp and hair with oil and keep it overnight before shampooing it. Oiling the scalp keeps it healthy and moisturized.
  9. Usage of Hair Mask – Using different types of hair mask would keep your hair lustrous and silky. Different hair masks have different benefits and you should use one that suits your hair needs.
  10. Cold Hair Washes – Cold washing your hair is good for your hair whereas using hot water for hair washing is harmful instead. Yes, but do not use freezing cold water, use the water kept in room temperature itself.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for applying these healthy hair tips and get healthy and lustrous hairs within a few days. I bet you are going to thank us for that.

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