Having Difficulty in Pooping? Check Out the List of Top 10 Foods for Eliminating Constipation

Pooping is an important day to day activity which involves the discharge of harmful waste from our body. Even if most of us feeling lazy when it comes to empty your bowel, but still we go for it as holding it for longer duration may cause severe health complications.

But one of the toughest problems arises when your bowel movement remains uncleared; in short when you suffer from constipation.

It not only causes stomach issues like gastric, acidity, indigestion, bloating but it also keeps our mood irritated; thus pulling all our attention towards the bowel instead of our day to day activities.

However, most of us might not know that there are several best foods for constipation which helps in clearing our bowel movement.

It is not just the medication that clears your toughest constipation but eating a few right foods could also prove to be a lot of help. Digiwhoop has listed some of the top 10 foods that are specifically meant for eliminating constipation.

Here is the List of Top 10 Foods for Eliminating Constipation

  1. Broccoli – You may be making a weird face after hearing the name of broccoli. Well, its one of the most amazing veggies which are filled with nutrients like protein, vitamin, and fiber that would help you to clear your bowel.
  2. Spinach – Spinach reminds us of Popeye isn’t it? Jokes apart, but we are all well aware of the highly beneficial properties of spinach. Full of fiber and magnesium, spinach could be easily added to your diet.
  3. Beans – Beans has been always been a part of the diet. With both soluble and insoluble fiber, beans help in the stimulation of the digestion process that would gradually help in bulking up the collected stool.
  4. Oatmeal – Another form of whole grains, oatmeal is also full of fiber and three servings of oatmeal in your diet on a regular basis would help in softening your stool.
  5. Flax Seeds or Chia Seeds – Flax seeds or chia seeds could be simply added as toppings over your diet just as icing over the cake. A spoonful of the seeds is enough to enhance your poop producing power. You can also make a smoothie of those seeds and mix with yogurt and gulp it down.
  6. Pears – Pears are packed up with vitamins and antioxidants. Pears are the most fibrous fruits and also one of the best foods for constipation that can easily cut your discomfort of pooping.
  7. Berries – With its abundance of antioxidants, berries are filled with all types of necessary nutrients. Berries would also be consumed as toppings over salads or oatmeal.
  8. Nuts – Who doesn’t like to munch down the crunchy nuts? A handful of nuts like pistachios, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts could give you the best fiber boost that your body highly needs.
  9. Okra – Most of us hate consuming okras owing to its slippery consistency. Although gooey in nature, okra has been always known for providing relief from constipation.
  10. Prunes – Prunes are one of the beneficial foods which help in the digestion process by helping in the movement of water to your larger intestine. If you dislike prunes, then you can go for apricots or figs or any other dry fruit.

These are the few best foods for constipation that would definitely help you when to face the irritating problem of squeezing out your stool. Therefore, go for trying the natural means for reducing your constipation then directly opting for medications.

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