Want to buy the best budget action camera? Here’s what you should know!

Action cameras are gaining immense popularity among professional photographers as well as casual photography enthusiasts. Thus, action cameras are now used not just in sports but for shooting family vacations as well. An action camera serves multiple purposes. But it is necessary to choose the right one so that you can make the most out of it. If you are planning to gift yourself an action camera, go through this blog once. We have enlisted all the factors which you should consider before buying the best budget action camera India.

Factors to consider while buying the best budget action camera

  • Connectivity features: Connectivity is an important aspect for photographers. You may consider options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice command. Wi-Fi connectivity enables the user to control the camera by means of a tablet or smartphone. Data transfer also takes place smoothly because of Wi-Fi connectivity.  Bluetooth helps in controlling the camera remotely. You may also want to look for features like face detection and voice command etc.
  • Build quality: Opt for the best action camera under 5000, which is made up of strong polycarbonate. In case you want to shoot underwater videos, go for water-proof housing. In some action cameras, the housing offers only partial protection underwater, while some others may go as deep as 33 feet or more. You should also check for screen protection, protective flaps for the battery bay and memory card, feel of the buttons, etc.
  • Image and video quality: You are purchasing an action camera for capturing images and videos. So, their quality needs to be of top-notch quality. A standard action camera will record 1080p resolution footage. If you are a casual user, these standard cameras are more than enough. However, if you require an action camera for commercial use, get yourself a high-end 4K action camera. These models tend to be pricey but offer multiple features such as advanced exposure controls, low-light controls, etc.

Again, if you are a casual photographer, choose an action camera with a 30FPS frame rate. However, if you are into capturing fast-paced footage or sports activity, then you need to invest in action cameras that offer 120 to 240FPS recording.

Also, keep in mind the field of view. Generally, the field of view in different action camera models ranges between 90n degrees to 170 degrees.

  • Time-lapse capability: Time-lapse videos look magnificent. If you wish to create a beautiful time-lapse video for your YouTube channel or Insta reel, get yourself a compact action camera. Generally, these cameras have a persistent capturing range between 0.5 to 60 seconds. So, such cameras are capable of capturing a frame every half a second.

However, if you wish to cut down on the complications, get yourself a top-notch action camera such as a Sony action camera. These high-end models shoot and compile all the images in the right sequence and finally process the desired video. But if you want to get yourself an entry-level action camera, you will have to manually edit the images on a laptop or desktop.

  • Brand support: Getting your action camera repaired can be quite difficult, all the more so because of its compact size. You cannot take them to any local shop for repairing purposes. You need proper brand support in order to get your camera repaired. Some brands offer replacement facilities. Some other brands are there which offer advanced protection plans. Such plans help in covering the expense of physical damage. That’s why you should buy a branded action camera from an authorized seller. This will ensure that you will get a reliable after-sales service even if your action camera breaks down.
  • Control and touch screen: Get yourself an action camera with efficient controls. Make sure your camera has an on/off switch and mode changing buttons. If you can afford a touchscreen action camera, things will get really better and smooth.
  • Accessories: When you go out to buy an action camera, you will notice that some cameras come with a hoard of accessories. But for some other brands, you will have to purchase the accessories separately. It is better to get the accessories by yourself. You can choose yours as per your requirement. For instance, if you are a biker, you can get yourself a helmet mount or a handlebar mount. But if you love trekking, you can get yourself a chest mount or an arm mount.

In a nutshell

Getting the best budget action camera is a dream for many. If you wish to fulfil your dream soon, start saving up for your camera. And once you are ready, pick the one that matches your requirement, expectations and budget. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind, steer clear of all the unnecessary confusion, and you will surely end up having your dream 4K action camera.

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