Best Set Top Box in India with Buying Guide – Everything You Want To Know Before Investing

Nowadays, Set Top box In India has become a trend and why not, it is the easiest way to watch all your favourite channels. The Indian government has made it mandatory to have set-top boxes in each house. The cheap set box provided by different companies has got a lot of benefits compared to the one offered by the government through cable operators.

Various service providers are providing a set-top service for us. If we do not want the one provided by the cable operators, we have to be wise enough to choose the best set-top box that meets the needs of all the family members. Various private companies provide directly to home service (DTH). You can also check for the best DTH connection in Delhi. 

5 best DTH providers in India

Here are the lists of 5 best DTH providers in India who provide an excellent set-top box connection. DTH Providers have advantages and disadvantages. So, we must make the best choice by analyzing them.

No. 1

Tata sky HD set-top box

Tata sky HD set-top box

Tata sky has become one of the most preferred set-top boxes these days. It has a professional and stylish look that grabs the eyes of the present generation. There have been a lot of advertisements for Tata Sky. The company spends a lot to advertise. Moreover, the Tata sky pack price list 2019 is also affordable.


  • Storage facility: Tata sky has a high storage capacity compared to other DTH services. It has 500 GB of internal storage. There are additional indicators for recording progress and the remote function of the TATA sky.
  • Recording TV programs: Tata sky is the best to record TV programs. It has a unique feature called series recording which helps to save many episodes of a particular channel. Future episodes could be collected automatically, once it is set already for the record. Check for Tata sky new connection offer 2019.
  • Best customer service: Tata sky provided the best post-sales support. They send their representatives within 24 hours of complaint. The Tata sky pack price lists 2018 are also reasonable. 


  • Expensive: Tata sky is expensive compared to other service providers. But, it is worth the cost is given/ we get the best benefits as we provide a high prize.
  • Fewer HD channels: Tata sky offers only 12 HD channels. But, this might not be the main disadvantage as we need to pay extra for HD channels. The picture quality is impressive in standard channels of the Tata sky.

No. 2

Airtel digital TV set-top box

Airtel digital TV set-top box

Airtel has provided more accessible options to purchase the best set-top box. They have got amazing plans at an unexpected prize. It has got benefits and the best offers for the new customers and the old customers who upgrade their plan. Moreover, customer care for Airtel digital TV is excellent. 


  • Amazing picture quality: The picture quality is extraordinary, with the highest possible picture clarity. It gives an experience of being in the cinema theatre with 7.1 surround sound.
  • Slash in the prize: The prize has been reduced from Rs1953 to Rs1453. Airtel also provides benefits worth Rs1000 to its subscribers. Additionally, you can also opt for Airtel internet TV plans.
  • Easy user interface: It comes with a universal remote and is easy to operate both the TV and set-top box. It has got excellent features to record the programs that we watch on the TV. The applications could be stored in our pen-drive. 


  • High price: There are many HD channels in airtel dish TV, but the customer has to pay a considerable sum to view them.
  • Lack of customer care:The quality of the product is good, but customer service is reduced after-sales. Airtel Dish TV representatives do not arrive as soon as the complaint is registered. As the demand is high, the representatives are busy with the installation of the dish and set-top box.

No. 3



There are two types of set-top boxes, such as the standard NXT and NXT HD. The price of the HD box is Rs 1590. The upgrade option from standard to HD is also available. A lifetime warranty is the best part.


  • Theatre experience: The resolution of the picture is incredible in HD. We could get an experience of theatre due to the excellent picture clarity and doubly digital plus 5.1 surround sound.
  • Free subscription: Dish TV NXT HD a free pack for one month and coupons worth Rs. 2000. There are other exciting deals and offers for new customers. The free pack contains 204 channels.
  • Multi-language support and recording: We could interact with the set-top box in the language that we are comfortable with. We could also record the programs that we watch.
  • Maximum HD channels and option to select the best Add-on: It has 66 HD channels and we could add-on the channels as per our need. We could upgrade or downgrade at any time.


  • The user interface is not friendly: Though multiple language support is provided, specific other options are not favorable. The software in the set-top box is quite slow, and it takes time to change the channels.
  • Low quality of signal: It is not best for those living in places with heavy rains. The signal gets cut when there is a slight wind.

No. 4

Dish TV/DISH TV HD Premium connection-all India

Dish TVDISH TV HD Premium connection-all India

This service was launched by zee TV and is one of the popular set-top boxes in India. It is the oldest set-top box service provider and provides various plans.


  • Low cost: The cost of this set-top box is low compared to other set-top boxes. HD services are economical.
  • Recording: It offers a 4GB pen drive for recording the programs we watch on TV. It provides a lifetime free recording service.
  • Free subscription: Their subscription is free along with the installation for a month. There aren’t any installation charges too.


  • Heating: The box gets heated very soon. We have to switch off the TV quite often to avoid heating.
  • Poor durability: The Set-top box is not much durable. It has to be replaced with a year or two. Hardware is not of excellent quality.
  • High service charges: The service to the customer is not satisfactory post-sales. The costs are high even for minor faults according to some customers.

No. 5

Videocon D2H HD set-top box

Videocon D2H HD set-top box

This set-top box is the best for customers in Delhi. The customers in Delhi get access to 12-month platinum pack and 12 month HD premium access for free. There is a warranty of 1 year for all the features.


  • HD Channels: This set-top box offers us many HD channels compared to others. The price is not much high, and the picture quality is impressive with high resolution.
  • India’s first radio frequency remote: The remote is fantastic, and it works even when there is an obstacle in front of the set-top box or even when we don’t point to the set-top box.
  • Pause Live TV and Recording: We can pause any live program that we watch when an emergency occurs and continue watching them later. We can record any application on the TV by its title, and we could set the timing too. These features help us to wait every minute of the program, which was recorded.


  • Slow installation: Installation of Videocon d2h must be improved. It takes a long time, and we must bear with it.
  • Charge for recording:The recording option is wonderful in Videocon D2h, but we need to pay some amount to record the programs.

Set-top Box Buying Tips

What are the pointers to look for in the best set-top boxes in India?

Here are a few essential things that we have to look about the set-top box before making a purchase.

The picture quality 

The main aim of purchasing the set-top box provided by the private DTH service provider is to watch the TV in excellent clarity. The resolution of the picture must be of good quality.

 Recording features

The features to record must be checked before making the purchase. We must check the ports available in the set-top box to insert our pen drive. The options available to record must be checked.

 Storage capacity

Set-top boxes differ in the capacity to store data. The ones with good internal storage facility could be the best choice.

 Packs offered

While selecting a set-top box, it is necessary to look into the channels offered in different packs. We must look into the cost and number of the channels provided. We should choose the one that suits our needs.


We should look if the set-top box has HDMI connection and other ports so that we could access various devices.

What are the additional features to look for in set-top boxes in India?

Here are some additional features, which add more value to your Best HD Set Top Box in India 2019 and entire entertainment experience. 


These features could be of use to those who wish to connect the mobile with a set-top box and use the internet on TV.

 DVD Facility

Not all the DTH set-top box comes with DVD facility. If we decide to buy a one with DVD facility, we must check on for it.

 Gaming options

If we are interested in playing video games on Television, the one with the games will be the best choice.


The remote differs from one set-top box to another. We need to check the type of the remote and the features in the remote.


A right set-top box will be compatible with other devices. It could help us exchange information, media, and other data among several compatible devices. We should check if the set-top box is consistent with the tools in our home before making a purchase.

Best remote control for a set-top box

It is always best to invest in a remote control which is generic and is capable of controlling the set-top table as well as TV. The universal remotes are usually compatible with all types of set-top box in India 2019; they are readily available in the market. Ensure the remote control is smooth, durable and the keypads last longer.


Which is better? A DTH or cable operator set-top box

The set-top box provided by the cable operator hasn’t got much difference compared to the earlier cable connection. They provide set-top box services as the government has made them mandatory. But, we have to deal with issues such as poor connection and poor service. We do not have the flexibility to choose the packs.

In the set-top box offered by various DTH service providers, we get the option to choose the channels. We can upgrade or downgrade our plans as per the need. The picture quality is far better than the one offered by the cable TV operator.

How do a TV Set-top-box work and display channels?

The thing about the Best Set-Top Box in India 2019 is that the tuner captures an external source of the signal and gives a good quality of the picture to the television set. The tuner decodes the signal, and the output is received on the Television.

What is the Best remote control APP for set-top box on Android?

The universal remote which could operate both the TV and the set-top box will be the best choice. The remote with IR radiation will work well with the set-top box.

Do set-top box need antennae? Why?

The need for antennae depends on the medium through which the channels are received. If the signal is derived from the satellite, the set-top box requires an antenna. The Best HD Set up Box in India 2019 provided by private DTH providers in India requires an antenna as the signal is received thorough satellite.

Is there any option to watch different channels on multiple TVs? If so with one cable set-top box, is it possible?

We can watch multiple Televisions with one set-top box. But, it is not possible to watch different channels on both Televisions. The set-top box received the broadcast signal through the tuner and gave output to the TV, so we could not watch different channels as the frequency of the channels differ.

Can I change my DTH service provider without buying a new dish or set-top box?

As of now, the inter-portability of set-top boxes hasn’t come into full force. So we need to change the set-top plate or the dish when we change the service provider. The set-top box differs in the configuration and the software set up by the operator. DTH inter-portability will be soon possible as the announcements were given by the telecom regulatory authority of India.

Each of the set-top boxes differs in our need, so we must analyze and select the best set-top box considering the needs of the members in the family. Make sure you also keep everything in your budget. The location we live even matters while selecting the best set-top box plans. There are many set-top providers as it is the trend of the present day. We must make a wise choice considering the cost and the features in the set-top box.

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