Know the Top 5 Reasons of Watching “The Nun”

The movie “The Nun” has made much speculation ever since the launch of its trailer. People went super thrilled when the trailer was released on June 13th, 2018. Also, the review of The Nun trailer was rated well by the critics and viewers. But it failed to meet with the expectations of the general public soon after its release on 7th September 2018. I am not saying that the movie was bad but as per critics, the movie did not offer a spine-chilling scare. Yet it has a very good storyline which is pulling the audience to the theatres near them.

Digiwhoop has listed out the reasons behind watching the movie “The Nun”:

  1. The Cinematic Universe – Set in a cloistered abbey in Romania in the year 1952; the story begins with the suicide of a nun and the horrific battleground begins between living and the evil with the entry of a novice nun and priest into the scene. The Conjuring Universe has a lot to offer to its audiences. Like it really haunts us with its demonic nuns, satanic witches and others.
  2. Casting – The movie includes a team of brilliant actors with whose acting prowess we have always been mesmerized. The Nun features Taissa Farmiga (the novice nun), Demian Bichir (Father Burke) and of course Bonnie Aarons (Valak, the nun) who scares the shit out of us as she returns back as Valak.
  3. Dreary Promos – As I told you guys at the beginning of the article how The Nun trailer impressed us and is freaking scary. The movie is indeed scary in few claustrophobic-inducing scenes where the sudden appearance of Valak makes us jump from our seat.
  4. The Nun – Valak, the original nun is the main reason why you should go and watch the movie. Her scary and deadly appearance in the movie makes your heart skip a beat with terror as she walks in with her chalk-white skin, gaunt body, white eyes; ready to freak people out.
  5. The Creative Team – In spite of the fact that James Wan, that progenitor of The Conjuring universe, isn’t coordinating The Nun, he is immovably behind the film. He is appended as the co-producer and has additionally co-composed the story. Corin Hardy, who has strong accreditations as his debut directorial The Hallow, coordinates The Nun.

The Nun has gained much popularity soon after its release as it is associated with the Conjuring series and this is the reason why people still like the movie. The best part of the movie which I personally liked is that the movie has again left an unclear ending as the last scene shows how the Frenchman gets possessed by Valak. This shows the strong evil power of Valak which makes her immortal. She keeps on haunting us in one way or other. Well, whatever it is, audiences are still waiting for yet another venture of the Conjuring series. Let’s wait and watch.

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